ICYMI: Tesla recalls 53,000 cars for brake issue

Source: Tesla

Some nine months ago, Tesla Motors landed in hot water due to the alleged failure of its pioneering car’s autopilot feature resulting in a fatal car crash. Today, Tesla isn’t taking any chances.

After receiving feedback from customers that their parking brakes won’t disengage, Tesla announced a recall of 53,000 affected units made between February and October 2016 from its Model S and Model X lines.

The issue is attributed to a small gear in the parking brake that was poorly constructed by a third-party supplier. While this doesn’t affect the car’s regular braking system, it can affect the parking brake’s function to unlock, which can then render the car immobile.

According to Tesla, only two to five percent of the gears used in its vehicles built in the period affected by the recall have the flaw. Tesla also maintains that the manufacturing glitch doesn’t threaten safety.

No injuries related to the issue have been reported.

Tesla will be filing the recall with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration; however, it has started sending out letters to inform its customers.

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